Experimentation and Dissidence is a project based at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, in the Philosophy Center, and is supervised by Prof. Dr. José Miranda Justo. Its main goal is to explore two transversal and unifying meta-concepts, namely, experimentation and dissidence, in the works of S. Kierkegaard, J. G. Hamann, Fr. Nietzsche and Guy Debord, but also in other authors and areas akin to this group of four philosophers.

The forum of the project aims at promoting dialogue about these topics, not only among the consultants of the Project and the team members, but also among all who may be interested in sharing their opinions or join the discussion. We request non-members who wish to take part in the forum to write to the Secretary of the project –experimentationanddissidence@gmail.com – in order to obtain access to the forum.


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